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Investor Information
Registration No. K-165/6702 of 1981
CUIN No. 0008966
National Tax No. 0711861-9
GST No. 17-50-9800-004-55
Symbol Of Company RICL
Listed in Pakistan Stock Exchange
Rating A
Outlook Positive
Rating Company JCR-VIS Credit Rating Company Limited
Latest Renewal Date 29 December 2016
Membership of Industry Association Insurance Association of Pakistan (IAP)
Company Secretary Haroon A. Shakoor
Office Address 181-A, Sindhi Muslim Housing Society, Karachi
Office Phone +92-21-3-4539415-17
Office Fax +92-21-3-4539412
Auditors Kreston Hyder Bhimji & Co (Chartered Accountants)
Share Registrat C&K management Associates (Pvt) Limited
404 - Trade Tower, Abdullah Haroon Road,
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Muhammad Salim Memon
Deputy Chief Manager (Investment)
Tel: (92-21) 34539415-17 Ext-214
Fax: (92-21) 34539412


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