Reliance Insurance was incorporated as a Public Limited Company in 1981 and is listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange. The Company is also registered with Central Depository Company of Pakistan Ltd. (CDC) and is involved in general insurance business.

Reliance Insurance proven as one of the most reputable and brightest names in the insurance sector since it started operations in 1981 and its sustained growth has secured a place among the leading insurers of Pakistan.

The Sponsors

Reliance Insurance has the unique distinction of being jointly owned by two prestigious industrial groups of Pakistan. Its major sponsors are Al-Noor Group and Amin Bawany Group a brief about them is as follows:-

Al-Noor GroupThe Founder

Al-Noor Group headed by renowned industrialist Mr. Ismail H. Zakaria who is also the Chairman of Reliance Insurance. Al-Noor Group comprises of the following companies besides holding in Reliance Insurance Company Ltd.:-

  1. Al-Noor Sugar Mills Limited
  2. Al-Noor Sugar Mills Ltd. – MDF Board Div.
  3. Shahmurad Sugar Mills Limited
  4. Shahmurad Sugar Mills Ltd. – Distillery Div
  5. First Al-Noor Modaraba Company Ltd.
  6. Noori Trading Company (Pvt.) Limited.

Bawany GroupAn Eminent Business Group

Mr. Amin Ahmed Bawany a renowned well honored industrialist is the founder member of Bawany Group comprising of the following companies and known as one of the financially most-sound corporate industrial entity in Pakistan.

  1. Faran Sugar Mills Ltd.
  2. Ayesha Bawany Academy (Wakf)
  3. Unicol Limited
  4. Sind Particle Board Mills Ltd.
  5. B.F. Modaraba Ltd.

Capital Structure

Strong financial position is a prerequisite for reliable insurance coverage. Reliance Insurance started its operation, way back in 1981 with paid-up Capital of Rs.2.5 million and now its paid-up capital has grown & well strengthened at the following levels:-

Authorized Capital

PKR 1,000 million

As per 31 Dec 2023

Paid-up Capital

PKR 665 million

As per 31 Dec 2023

Shareholder’s Equity has risen

PKR 1,222 million

As per 31 Dec 2023

General Reserves stood at

PKR 310 million

As per 31 Dec 2023

Branches Network

Reliance Insurance has a nationwide branch network with 24 operating stations spread in all major cities of Pakistan. To accelerate growth and meet the challenges of increasing competition, the infrastructure of the Company is being continuously developed and strengthened. New branches are being established to expand our presence in the country and to better serve the customers.

Reinsurance (Treaty & Facultative)

Reliance Insurance strongly believes that its re-insurers are like business partners. It is pertinent to emphasize that the security of strong reinsurance gives financial reliability and lend credibility in the market. We have excellent re-insurance treaty arrangements with foreign & local re-insurers of world repute.

Registration No.K-165/6702 of 1981
CUIN No.0008966
National Tax No.0711861-9
GST No.17-50-9800-004-55
NATURE OF BUSINESS:General Insurance and Window Takaful
REGISTERED OFFICE:96-A, Sindhi Muslim Co-operative Housing Society, Karachi
HEAD OFFICE:181-A, Sindhi Muslim Co-operative Housing Society, Karachi
Phone No.+92-21-34539415-17
Associated CompaniesANAM FABRICS (PVT) LTD.
F-528/B, S.I.T.E. P.O.Box: 3612,
Karachi, Pakistan
Phone: 9221-32565701 / 32575844
Fax: 9221-32564580
Branches Network :North Zone
South Zone